Monday, February 11, 2013



Now that JW is three years old, he gets to go to Primary at our church.  Primary is where the children go to classes, have teachers, get to participate in the lessons and be big kids.  JW's class is the Sunbeams.

A few weeks ago, the Sunbeams learned about prayer.  I have been practicing praying with JW at night before he goes to bed.  I ask him what he's thankful for and we talk about blessings, then I put his thoughts into a prayer.  Most nights he tells me he does not want to pray because he is too tired and just wants to go to sleep. As if praying is such a chore.  

JW was asked to give the prayer in Primary on Sunday.  His first ever public appearance.  I was a little nervous for him because he never wants to pray and standing in front of several dozen people to pray can be kind of scary, even for me.  Nevertheless, JW stood right up, took a hold of the microphone and (with some assistance) gave the sweetest little prayer a three year old could offer. 
Be still my heart.  


Louise Plummer said...

I know. It's such a comfort (surprise) when our children perform well. The baby sister is gorgeous.

jsgold said...

Thanks for sharing this. It really touched my heart!